Ultimate Tarsier Collection


Take the ultimate trip to Southeast Asia with two gins and three bottled cocktails showcasing the flavours of the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.

Add a 5cl taster of one of our Southeast Asian cocktails

Southeast Asian Dry Gin  –  700ml  |  45%

A citrus forward gin, with spicy undertones, complexity on the palate, and a long peppery finish. Tarsier gin is smooth and moreish, equally enjoyable on the rocks or served in a G&T with lime or grapefruit and ginger.

Oriental Pink Gin  –  700ml  |  40%

A light and refreshing fruity gin, bursting with the floral notes of red dragon fruit, the sweetness of lychee and the tartness of raspberry. Enjoy with tonic and garnish with fresh raspberries and mint.

Lychee & Raspberry Bonbon  –  500ml  |  20.3%

A very classy martini style drink with the perfect balance of sweet lychee and butterscotch, and sharp raspberry and lemon.

Calamansi Negroni  –  500ml  |  20.4%

A serious cocktail with the sweet citrus of Calamansi, the sharp richness of Balsamic and the bitter notes of Campari. Just like the food of Southeast Asia, it has depth of flavour and balance.

Tropical Gin Old Fashioned  –  500ml  |  24.8%

A luxuriously creamy cocktail with the fresh natural taste of coconut, the subtle tropical fruit flavours of jackfruit and the vanilla notes of pandan. Deliciously moreish and sunshine in a glass!

Each cocktail contains 4 – 6 servings (each serving is 75ml for a small, 100ml for a medium and 125ml for a large)