Tarsier Calamansi Citrus Gin

A zesty citrus gin bursting with the signature botanicals of Calamansi, Yuzu, Kaffir Lime and Jasmine

VOLUME: 700ml

ABV: 40%



Our third destination in the Backpacker Series is the Philippine island of Bohol; home to tarsier primates, tropical jungles, and white sandy beaches.

Calamansi is a citrus fruit native to the Philippines, bursting with bright zesty notes of lime and mandarin. The exotic citrus of Yuzu and Kaffir Lime add depth of flavour, balanced with the floral sweetness of Jasmine.

Fresh, juicy notes of calamansi come alive with the addition of tonic, whilst aromatic kaffir, vibrant yuzu and subtle floral tones of jasmine combine for a layered, vibrant citrus flavor profile. Unlike any citrus gin you’ve ever tasted!

Serve with a premium Indian Tonic and garnish with red grapefruit peel and a sprig of fresh thyme.

Join us in the Philippines and discover the exotic taste of Calamansi…