Lychee & Raspberry Bonbon

Tarsier Oriental Pink Gin  /  Staibano Limoncello  /  Butterscotch Syrup

VOLUME: 50cl

ABV: 20.3%


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Inspired by the patisseries we frequented in Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam, where French influences met eastern flavours; Macaron Framboise Litchi and Tarte Au Citron were two that stuck in our memories. We have combined these flavours –  lychee, raspberry, lemon and buttery pastry – to create a perfectly balanced, indulgent cocktail.

Our oriental pink gin is the perfect addition for this cocktail with its flavours of raspberry and lychee. For the lemon element we tried a lot of limoncellos, but it was the natural and fresh flavours of Staibano Limoncello that won us over. It was a massive plus that they are an independent producer just like us. For the pastry element, butterscotch syrup perfectly embodies that buttery biscuit base you get from a great patisserie.

This is a very classy martini style drink with the perfect balance of sweet lychee and butterscotch, and sharp raspberry and lemon.

Contains 4 – 6 servings (each serving is 75ml for a small, 100ml for a medium and 125ml for a large)

TO SERVE: simply chill the bottle (ideally in the freezer – you want it super cold), gently shake the bottle and pour 125ml into a martini glass (don’t add any ice!). Garnish with lemon peel.