Host Your Own Cocktail Party (up to 5 people)


Host your own cocktail party with a virtual bartender serving your drinks. Each customisable set will serve up to 5 people:

  1. Simply choose 3 x bottled cocktails – that’s at least 3 bar quality cocktails per person
  2. Optionally add a 70cl bottle of gin or 5 x double measures and we will include 5 x 200ml Lixir Tonics for free
  3. Simple serving suggestions and a link to your very own virtual bartender will be sent with your drinks

Our cocktail party pack lets you host your very own amazing cocktail party without the hassle of sourcing obscure ingredients and complicated preparation methods. We will send you 3 ready to serve cocktails from our collection. All you need to get is ice and garnish (details of exactly what you need to get will be sent to you). Then simply chill the bottle, pour into your glass and garnish.

To recreate the cocktail bar experience we have filmed videos of Sherwin, our in-house mixologist, preparing each cocktail from scratch whilst talking about the history, influences and cutting edge techniques used to create them. Each video is only a few minutes long so you can pull up a seat at the virtual bar and watch along with your friends before continuing with your party.

Extend your party by adding a bottle or 5 double measures of either our Southeast Asian Dry or Oriental Pink gins. We will send you 5 premium Lixir tonics too so you can recreate the perfect serve. Just add ice and garnish.

Free next day delivery.

** Virtual bartender videos will be available from Friday 3rd July **