Calamansi Negroni

Cold distilled Calamansi / Tarsier Southeast Asian Dry Gin / Balsamic Vermouth / Lemongrass infused Campari

VOLUME: 50cl

ABV: 20.4%


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Inspired by the food of the Philippines and using the flavours of Adobo and Toyomansi, we’ve taken the classic Negroni and put a Filipino twist on it. 

Every Filipino has their own recipe for an adobo (which is a classic Filipino meat stew with vinegar, soy sauce, bay, garlic and pepper). Sherwin uses balsamic vinegar in his, so we have sourced a balsamic vermouth from Modena. Toyomansi is a dipping sauce that is served with literally everything. The key ingredient, as the name suggests, is Calamansi – the small citrus that we use in our gin. We wanted to release the fresh vibrant flavours of the Calamansi so we vacuum distil it at room temperature as a single distillate. Finally, we infuse the Campari with lemongrass to add depth to the citrus.

This is a serious cocktail with the sweet citrus of Calamansi, the sharp richness of Balsamic and the bitter notes of Campari. Just like the food of Southeast Asia, it has depth of flavour and balance.

Contains 4 – 6 servings (each serving is 75ml for a small, 100ml for a medium and 125ml for a large)

TO SERVE: simply chill the bottle (ideally in the freezer – you want it super cold), fill a rocks glass with ice, gently shake the bottle and pour 125ml. Stir for 5 seconds and garnish with orange peel.