Inspired by the cuisine that we encountered on our travels, we have crafted a collection of bottled cocktails that will introduce you into the diverse flavours and food of Southeast Asia…


Inspired by the food of the Philippines, we’ve taken the classic Negroni and put a Filipino twist on it.

Every Filipino has their own recipe for an Adobo. Sherwin uses balsamic vinegar in his, so we have sourced a balsamic vermouth from Modena. Toyomansi is a dipping sauce which uses calamansi. We wanted to release the fresh vibrant citrus flavours so we cold distil it and blend with our Southeast Asian Dry Gin. Finally, we infuse bitters with lemongrass to add depth to the citrus.

This is a serious cocktail with the sweet citrus of Calamansi and the sharp richness of Balsamic. Just like the food of Southeast Asia, it has depth of flavour and balance.

TO SERVE: Fill a rocks glass with ice and pour. Stir until chilled and garnish with a ribbon of orange peel. Contains 5 – 7 servings


Inspired by the patisseries of Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam, we have combined the flavours of Macaron Framboise Litchi and Tarte Au Citron – lychee, raspberry, lemon and buttery pastry – to create a perfectly balanced, indulgent cocktail.

Our oriental pink gin is the perfect addition for this cocktail with its flavours of raspberry and lychee. Combined with the fresh lemon notes of Staibano Limoncello and butterscotch syrup that perfectly embodies that buttery biscuit base you get from a great patisserie.

This is a classy martini style drink with the perfect balance of sweet lychee & butterscotch, and sharp raspberry & lemon.

TO SERVE: simply chill the bottle, gently shake and pour into a martini glass. Garnish with lemon peel. Contains 5 – 7 servings


Inspired by the street food markets of Bangkok and the beaches of Phuket, we have created a Thai twist on a classic Bramble cocktail.

Our Thai inspired Khao San Gin has the savoury notes of Thai Red Chilli, and citrus of Lemongrass and Kaffir Lime Leaf. Pineapple is a moresish addition that balances so well with the Chilli. Creme De Mure brings fruity notes of Blackberry to round off the intense flavour profile of this bold creation.

This is a seriously fruity cocktail with savoury notes of chilli,  tangy pineapple, sharp citrus and fruity blackberries.

TO SERVE: Fill a rocks glass with ice and pour. Stir until chilled and garnish with a lemon wheel or a couple of blackberries. Contains 5 – 7 servings