A celebration of Southeast Asia

Handcrafted in Manchester


Tarsier Gin is inspired by a backpacking trip across Southeast Asia where we fell in love with the unique sights, smells and tastes of the region. Drawing on influences from the cuisine of the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, we have created a gin like no other. A celebration of Southeast Asia, handcrafted in Manchester.

A citrus forward gin, with spicy undertones, complexity on the palate, and a long peppery finish. Tarsier gin is smooth and moreish, equally enjoyable on the rocks or served in a G&T with lime and ginger.

Our Journey

We started out with one big idea and one tiny copper still. Like the backpacking trip that inspired us, we set off on our own journey of discovery and adventure. Over the course of three years, we developed our idea, researched our trade, and honed our craft. We refused to rush and never compromised, only starting production when we had perfected a gin that we were truly proud of, one that honoured the incredible culture, cuisine, and people we had experienced on our trips around Southeast Asia.

Tarsier is a truly handcrafted gin; from recipe development to label design, opening the distillery, and distilling the gin. We've spent three years honing our craft to bring you a gin that has come from the heart; born with passion, crafted with love.


Alongside seven traditional gin botanicals we take you on a journey across Southeast Asia with:






We named our gin after the Philippine Tarsier, one of the world's smallest primates that is native to the Philippines. Characterised by its small stature and big eyes, it perfectly embodied our vision. A small batch gin with big flavour and personality.

We are supporting the Tarsier by donating 10% of our profits to conservation projects in Southeast Asia. Our first partner is the Philippine Tarsier Foundation.